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We’re excited to present our first HR Technology Industry Insights Report. In this report you will find information that looks at the HR technology market as a whole and dives in to relevant data to discuss the following: Industry professionals can use the information in this report to discover the technology that organizations are investing their money in, how the market is changing, and how HR tools are helping to improve work spaces.

Rainbow House: Growing Up Safe

The Rainbow House originally opened in 1986, housing up to 12 children in an old farmhouse. Founder Kathy Hughes had been a foster parent for many years and held a deep compassion in helping at-risk children. This year, Rainbow House will celebrate its 30th anniversary advocating for children. Rainbow House, located at 1611 Towne Dr., is a regional child advocacy center, children’s emergency shelter, and homeless youth program. This nonprofit organization supports a total of 11 counties, inclu

Rain: Surrounded by Care

In 1992, the human immunodeficiency virus, also known as HIV, was at its peak and, if contracted, was seen as a death sentence. When left untreated, the disease is formally classified as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS. That same year, members of the United Methodist Church founded Rain (then Regional AIDS Interfaith Network) of Central Missouri. These church members organized care teams to work with individual patients who were diagnosed with this disease. The teams provided transp

The Red Cross: Bigger Than Blood

When the American Red Cross comes to mind, most people think of blood donations. But the Red Cross is more than just blood drives; they offer assistance in four other critical areas: health and safety, armed forces, international services and disaster relief. Today, the American Red Cross offers many services that help people across the United States and the world. Clara Barton founded the Red Cross in 1881, in response to her experiences in the Civil War. In WWI, the Red Cross brought in nurse

Wabash Station

Today, Wabash Station operates as the main office for COMO Connect, formerly known as Columbia Transit, the city-owned public bus system. Wabash Station is a one-story, H-plan Jacobean building, according to the National Register of Historic Places. Located at 126 N. Tenth Street, it sits on a stone and concrete foundation, with a partial basement under the north end. The station can be entered on both the east and west sides through large double-doors. The interior construction and design give

Youth Empowerment Zone works to help troubled youth

In the spring of 2004, a drive-by shooting near the Columbia Mall sparked outrage in the community. At the time, Lorenzo Lawson was working as the executive director of the Neighborhood Resource Center, where he mainly assisted individuals in poverty. The center hosted a series of town hall meetings, attempting to answer one question: How do we prevent this [drive-by shooting] from happening again? They decided to conduct a survey with local youth and asked what could be done to keep youth awa

Chimaeric and the art of storytelling

When David Anderson began working for Pure Marketing and Media in May of 2008, he never expected it would be his pathway to entrepreneurship. In August, the creative-director-turned-business-owner finalized the purchase of Chimaeric, a Pure Marketing and Media spinoff motion picture company founded in 2012. With business partner and co-owner Randy Sinquefield, Anderson began negotiations to purchase Chimaeric, which employs two full-time Columbia-based filmmakers, in March of this year. Sinque

The Promise of Change: In your own voices

This year's presidential election meant more to me emotionally than any other previous election. America finally had two great aggressive candidates running against each other. Barack Obama and John McCain. I saw both candidates as a good choice, but I was rooting for Barack Obama. Having an African-American become president would finally change the precedent of this country. Being an African-American girl myself, I thought that this was great to see powerful change come through this election, not only because of his race but also because of the changes he was preparing for America. Despite all the comments made from other people about his race or the changes he was trying to make, Obama still fought hard and never gave up on this election. He fought his way to the top, and looking back on my own life, I very well could, too. The possibilities are endless, and negativity is no longer a key holder in my life. This election started a new chapter in history, and I'm very grateful to be living through it right now.